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Passive income: how to rent out housing in Philadelphia through Airbnb?

Renting out your own home is one of the best ways to generate passive income, allowing you to consistently earn significant money. Lately, short-term housing rental services have become extremely popular, with platforms like Airbnb facilitating accommodations for any duration worldwide. However, anyone wishing to utilize this platform and rent out their property in Philadelphia should thoroughly acquaint themselves with the city’s laws and obtain a specific philadelphia airbnb license. We will delve into this in more detail in our article.

Rules for short-term housing rental on Airbnb

Before renting or leasing a property through Airbnb, it’s essential to note that regardless of whether you are renting out a property as a full-time business or just letting your home for a few days a week, non-compliance with Philadelphia’s rental housing rules can lead to fines or even business closure. This is a serious allegation, so it’s crucial to avoid these risks by familiarizing yourself with the most critical rules for short-term rentals. Here are the key concepts of short-term housing rental:

  • Limited lodging. What is limited lodging? It refers to lodging that you rent for 90 days or less and not more than 30 days at a time. Limited lodging is considered the primary form of short-term rental in Philadelphia, and you don’t need special permits for this type of rental. However, it’s essential to find out when and how to obtain the airbnb philadelphia license.
  • Limited lodging house. If you want to rent out your property for more than 90 days but less than 180 days, you will need to obtain a permit for limited lodging.
  • Non-primary residence rentals. If your short-term rental is a full-time business, stricter rules apply. If you want to rent out property that is not your primary residence, you need a special permit and a license for commercial activity.

Therefore, if you own property in Philadelphia and want to rent it out through the Airbnb platform, you must ensure that you can do so legally according to the city’s laws.

Why is it important to consult a lawyer?

If you doubt your own competence, we recommend consulting with a philadelphia lawyer who can help you avoid any risks and legitimize your business. We present one of the best legal firms in Philadelphia for your consideration – RS Law Group. Professional legal support will help you rent out property in Philadelphia without any risks and improve your business promotion, reduce costs, and attract as many potential clients as possible.

We also recommend checking out RS Law Group’s blog, where you can find current information on Pennsylvania state laws and numerous tips that will help you rent out property advantageously. The RS Law Group will help you familiarize yourself with all the laws regarding short-term rentals in Philadelphia and beyond.

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